In my 6 years here I have used 3 painters and my last was BY FAR the best of the lot!!

I initially had him do my 2 story family room, which required retaping and the rest of the usual.  He gave me an hour window for arrival, and was on time.  They did a beautiful job, and even changed out all of my light bulbs (8) while they were up there.

I then asked if he could repaint a few ceilings.  He said he'd call and let me know when he had time.  The next day he called with a date,  and on the day before painting day he called with the time.  Again, very neat job, and quick.

Then a few days later, my "handy man" punched a hole through the wall in my bathroom which breached the high wall adjacent to my newly painted family room stairway.  He said he couldn't fix it because he didn't have a high enough ladder.

Again, I called Dennis and in 2 days he was back again to repair the hole and repaint -- and charged me only $70 for the emergency.

Oh, and Dennis (or I should say his son) also painted my master bath with cathedral ceilings because the "handyman" working in that room, who was supposed to paint it after finishing his other work in there, realized at the 11th hour that he couldn't because he didn't know how to tape the wall joints.  Needless to say Dennis Jr. had it done neatly, quickly and at a fair price.

The best of the best (and, no, I am not related to him).



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